Triangle I/II, sfz+ y Square de Cakewalk/ rgc Audio “guardados”

Estos tres estupendos y veteranos sofsintes primeramente creados por rgc Audio ( en realidad René G. Ceballos, también creador de esa maravilla que es z3ta+) y posteriormente adquiridos por la recientemente desaparecida Cakewalk bien merecen por su calidad  un espacio en nuestra “Selección”.  Asumimos gustosos  su salvaguardia. Tanto Triangle II como Sfz+ son ilustres miembros de nuestra “Selección”

Estas son las características de Square I :


  • 3 Oscillators, 9 Alias Free Waveforms each plus a Noise Generator
  • 32 voice polyphonic (CPU dependant)
  • Individual adjustments of Level, Waveform, Mode, Phase, Fine and Coarse tune and Pitch Eg Intensity for each oscillator
  • Random Pitch control
  • Key Sync and Inverted mode for all oscillators, fixed pitch, 2 FM (frequency modulation) modes
  • Pulse Width Modulation (PWM) with adjustable depth for every oscillator and phase shift control
  • 5 Pitch Bend modes: Normal, Asymmetric, High Note, Low Note, Hold Notes
  • Random Wave selector, with adjustable intensity for each oscillator and tempo sync


  • Low/High Pass filter with resonance

Low Frequency Oscillators

  • 4 LFO’s, for Pitch, Filter, Amplifier and Random Wave selector, 8 waveforms each plus Random

Envelope Generators

  • Pitch, Filter and Amplifier dedicated Envelope Generators. Keyboard tracking and Velocity control


  • Auto-pan controlled by LFO
  • Chorus
  • Stereo Delay
  • Stereo Spread
  • Two Band Equalizer

Programs / Banks

  • 6 banks (A-F), 768 program capacity, 192 top-quality factory presets
  • Two mode Random Patch Generator

Graphic User Interface

  • Sound Preview ribbon at bottom, MIDI transmit to host (VST)

MIDI implementation

  • Extensive MIDI implementation: Velocity, Pitch Bend, Aftertouch, Modulation, Breath, Sustain Sw and a lot more


Características de Triangle II:

  • 2 Oscillators, one SubOscillator and a Tuned Noise generator.
  • 7 fully bandlimited waveforms per oscillator, detune, transpose and table shift controls.
  • PWM in both oscillators, with manual width control or controllable by LFO.
  • MULTI mode, which turns oscillator 1 in eight individual oscillators, with multi detune control.
  • SYNC mode.
  • Portamento with fixed and variable time, fingered or normal, and selectable effect on pitch bend.
  • DC Burst generator to add punch to attack stage.
  • Adjustable range Pitch Bend.
  • Main Tune and Random Tune controls.
  • 2-pole LPF/HPF/BPF, and ultrasmooth 4-pole LPF/HPF plus a high resonance 4-pole LPF filters.
  • 3 dedicated Pitch, Filter and Amplifier Envelope Generators.
  • 3 dedicated Pitch, Filter (PWM) and Amplifier LFOs.
  • 4 channels mixer.
  • Bass Eq control with adjustable centre frequency.
  • Hard Drive effect.
  • Decimator effect.
  • Aggressive 6-Voice Chorus mono/stereo effect, controllable by Envelope Generator.
  • Stereo/Ping delay effect, BPM sync’able to host tempo.
  • Reverb effect with size control and two rendering modes.
  • Stereo Spread effect.
  • Four playing modes: Fingered, Low and High priority note Legato, Full Legato.
  • All controls (67 knobs, 19 selectors), in front panel, no paged interface.
  • Full MIDI Learn operation, with selectable min/max/reverse status.
  • Multiple controls can be assigned to MIDI cc’s, same MIDI cc can be assigned to several controls.
  • 128 program capacity, 128 factory presets instantly available via right-click.
  • Up/Down program controls.
  • Built-in program/bank naming, saving and loading capabilities (.fxb/.fxp).
  • User definable bank for auto-loading on startup.
  • Circular or Linear knob mode, with selectable inertia.
  • Full note range preview ribbon, which sends MIDI messages to host.
  • Complete User Manual included.



Las características de ese extraordinario Soundfontplayer y Sampler que es Sfz+ :

Main Engine

  • High Quality bandlimiting sample-playback engine
  • 9 quality settings to allow precise CPU usage optimization
  • 256 voices of polyphony, unlimited layers per voice
  • Per-channel polyphony limiter
  • Fully multitimbral operation, supports all 16 MIDI channels
  • Allows loading one file per MIDI channel, or single-file multitimbral operation
  • Supports any standard/custom samplerate, including 22, 32, 44.1, 48, 88.2, 96, 192 and 384 kHz
  • Extensive SoundFont compatibility
  • Reads SoundFont files (.sf2), 16/24/32-bit wave files (.wav), mono or stereo
  • Several SoundFont loading modes: Whole SoundFont, Single Preset
  • Four stereo outputs, one stereo Effects output

Sound Generator

  • A LPF, two LFOs and two Envelope Generators per layer
  • Filter Cutoff, Filter Resonance, Keyboard Tracking, Velocity Tracking and Envelope Amount
  • Vibrato LFO with Delay, Speed and Depth control
  • Modulation LFO with Delay, Depth, Filter Depth, Pitch Depth and Amp Depth controls
  • Modulation EG with Attack, Hold, Keyboard-To-Hold, Decay, Keyboard-To-Decay, Sustain, Release and Pitch Depth controls
  • Amplifier EG with Delay, Attack, Hold, Keyboard-To-Hold, Decay, Keyboard-To-Decay, Sustain and Release controls


  • Stereo Chorus with Mix, Speed and Depth controls
  • Stereo Reverb with Mix, Size, Damp and High Frequency controls
  • Effects on/off button

Programs / Banks

  • 128 internal programs (scenes).
  • Saves and Loads standard program (.fxp) files.
  • Drag and drop support for program files (.fxp), SoundFont files (.sf2) and Wave files (.wav).
  • All settings saved in the song.

Graphic User Interface

  • Total Layers and Voices played indicator.
  • Focus-capable controls, full PC-Keyboard support.
  • Full mouse wheel support.
  • Inertial sliders, menu-driven multi lists, fast page selectors.
  • Output level VU meter.
  • Sound Preview ribbon at bottom, MIDI transmit to host (VST).

MIDI implementation

  • Extensive MIDI implementation: Velocity, Pitch Bend, Modulation, Sustain Sw and a lot more.

ASIO microHost

  • Ultra light ASIO host for live performance and programming (90k)
  • Supports 44.1, 48, 88.2 and 96 kHz samplerates.
  • Virtual keyboard with Pitch Bend/Modulation/Program Change/Transpose controls using PC keyboard
  • Simultaneous use of multiple MIDI ports
  • Saves 16-bit and 32-bit WAV files

Agradecimientos especiales a nuestro compañero Pablo Baico

Grupo facebook

Descarga de Sfz+ , Triangle I/II y Square

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  1. Julius LC dice:

    Tres plugins excelentes por sonido, características y rendimiento.

    Me gusta


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