Ve la luz MuseScore 3.1




Las pantallas anteriores muestran el poderío que encierra este insigne y maravilloso Editor de Partituras gratuito multiplataforma y de Código Abierto. Muchas novedades y mejoras encierra esta importante actualización:


  • Single-note dynamics playback – long notes can play dynamic changes
  • Updated soundfont that supports single-note dynamics out of the box
  • High quality soundfont with better strings and synth instruments available as an extension in the Resource Manager
  • Option to completely disable Auto Placement
  • Elements can cross staves still participating in Auto Placement
  • Half-time/Double-time feature that shortens and lengthens rhythms on copy-pasting
  • Linearization feature that unrolls all repeats
  • Internal computational approach that allows creating 256th, 512th, 1024th notes and any kind of compound tuplets
  • Online documentation for Plugin API is available


  • Playback starts immediately on large scores
  • Continuous view performance was significantly improved
  • The layout of the scores imported from MuseScore 2 is now preserved
  • Size and usability of Play Panel is now improved
  • Add chord symbol support for fret diagrams
  • Move the whole segment on dragging a note in edit mode
  • Allow changing duration of multiple notes
  • Select notes after deleting various elements
  • Make copy-pasting hairpins possible
  • Fix significant lag on iterating over notes with left-right arrows
  • UI refinements including more streamlined Inspector
  • “MuseScore File” string (under File -> Save As…) now indicates which version you are about to save (MuseScore 3)

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